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Colorado Real Estate Partners

Project Details

With a focus on residential real estate investment, flipping and development, Colorado Real Estate Partners exists to add value and beauty to communities in the Denver area through the restoration and preservation of distressed properties.

The owner, Kevin, is an innovative risk-taker who has an unconventional approach to real estate, with bold, outside-the-box ideas for turning underutilized properties into modern homes. He needed a new brand and website that would help him stand out among corporate, buttoned-up real estate executives and position Colorado Real Estate Partners as trustworthy business among local business neighbors, potential investors and partners and property owners.

We created a brand and website that highlight the effort Colorado Real Estate Partners puts into preserving the historic nature of the homes and neighborhoods in which they work by including hand-drawn icons to depict their work and fonts that have a local, hometown feel to them.

What We did

Brand design, illustrations & WordPress website

Brand Words

Innovative — Approachable — Classic and Simple — Genuine — Inspiring